Our approach

We specialise in identifying mispriced or misunderstood investment assets and loan opportunities and then actively managing them to fully unlock the value for investors.

We also co-invest in every opportunity, aligning our objectives with our clients.

Our disciplined, active management approach is supported by an on-the-ground team with strong industry relationships and reputation for efficient transactions. This often results in exclusive or early access to opportunities.

Typically we targets assets between $5m and $150m, a sweet spot often above the range favoured by individual HNW investors, due to either size or infrastructure requirements, and below the scale preferred by institutions, due to intensive management required with large volumes of smaller tenants.

Our expert partners

We partner with service providers who share our values and focus on high quality service, both on an ongoing basis and for specific projects. Working closely with our experienced in-house team, our partners give us access to specialist expertise, allowing us to stay focused on our core skillset.

Services provided include audit, legal, financial, legal and technical due diligence, valuations and property management. We work with a number of firms in most areas to allow for niche market knowledge and expertise as we find this gives us an edge in our strategy and analysis.

Partnering with professional advisers

Many of our clients come to us following a referral from an existing client or their professional advisers, such as solicitors, accountants and financial experts. Since our launch in 2012 we have built a growing base of professional advisers who refer new clients to us regularly. This attests to their satisfaction with the returns delivered and our ability to deliver ‘true-to-label’ investments.

Our timely and effective communications make it easy to incorporate into their broader reporting and our team are always available to answer any questions and provide more information where required.