Our clients

CPG’s investment opportunities are available to existing CPG clients, institutions and other sophisticated investors. Most of our new investors come as referrals from existing clients or professional advisers.

High net worth individuals, family offices and businesses like our hands on approach. Whilst some have experience with property, they may not have the time or infrastructure to run such investments themselves or are looking to diversify their portfolios. With a broad range of locations, asset classes and property sizes to choose from, they can select investments that have low correlation to their other assets or simply access investments they wouldn’t usually be able to themselves.

For institutions, we are able to provide the infrastructure and industry expertise to actively manage assets usually below their investment threshold. These types of investments often have a large number of smaller tenants and having people on the ground is critical to success.

Institutional investment opportunities

In addition to our range of investments for sophisticated investors, we also work with institutions to create bespoke win-win solutions such as:

  • providing management expertise and structure to capitalise on an already identified opportunity
  • locating and acquiring investments within a defined mandate