Real Estate Debt

Real Estate Debt Investing

Commercially Minded With Strong Governance

We are commercially minded and able to think beyond the ‘black and white’ financial metrics that govern typical bank lending, without compromising on our extensive and robust due diligence process. We have a proven track record of successfully raising investor funds for property-backed loan opportunities.

Our in-house, experienced and property-centric team is on hand to work closely with borrowers throughout the assessment, onboarding, ongoing management and close-out of each loan and where needed, to manage challenging situations in a collaborative and commercial manner. Our strong preliminary due diligence means we only provide Indicative Loan Offers where we are serious about proceeding with the deal, saving time and effort for borrowers, investors and us.

Looking for a Lending Partner?

Find out how Centennial can be a lending partner to property owners and property developers. Our in-house, experienced and property-centric teams are on hand to work closely with borrowers throughout the lending lifecycle.

Loan Opportunities

We are currently actively sourcing commercial and residential property-backed transactions, following are our indicative guidelines. For opportunities falling outside these, we encourage you to get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

Indicative guidelines:

  • Loans of $5m – $50m
  • Construction and bridging loans

Our Competitive Difference

  • We’re agile thinkers with a prompt decision making process
  • We offer strong in-house sector expertise
  • We adopt a collaborative approach with developers and owners
  • We can provide loan terms in excess of the WALE
  • We are able to capitalise interest in instances where the net rental is insufficient to service
  • We deliver positive outcomes to challenging opportunities
  • We have a proven track record in the property sector