Rebuild, Reuse, Regenerate

We regenerate existing land and repurpose existing assets, to rebuild, reuse and reduce waste.

Misunderstood assets offer the best opportunity to unlock hidden value.

Our preference is to develop brownfield sites to regenerate existing land, and refurbish and rebuild existing assets, reusing materials and reducing waste – delivering institutional-grade space for our customers and communities. 

Our approach is to own and manage mid-space and functional industrial and logistics assets, in often land-constrained, inner-ring, urban locations that are close to population and key logistics infrastructure. 

We repurpose assets through value add or repositioning opportunities to provide space which is fit for purpose and to a high-quality standard for  our customers and communities. 

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Rebuild, Reuse, Regenerate

Through repositioning and regenerating assets, we unlock value and create resilient assets for future customers’ needs and deliver enhanced returns to our investors. 

Our focus is to repurpose and regenerate assets into being more resilient for future customers’ needs, by transforming assets through sustainable retrofit strategies. 

Repositioning assets by reusing the existing structure and efficient use of materials, not only reduces the carbon impact of the project, it offers speed to market and can fill the gap between existing built environments and what is needed by our customers. 

We focus on adaptive reuses for existing buildings, or maximise the reuse of existing building components and materials with a focus on retaining structure – refurbishment and reuse, avoiding demolition. 


Royal Park Distribution Centre

One example is the regenerating of our Royal Park Distribution Centre in Adelaide, where we transformed an existing 14,700 sqm warehouse into a 12,490 sqm institutional-grade multi-unit warehouse.

We undertook an expansive refurbishment programme, which included:


Retained structure, to repurpose the existing asset and rethink the use of materials

Reuse & Reduce Waste

Carbon savings is equivalent to taking ~4,500 light vehicles off the road for one year


Upfront carbon savings of ~9,100 tonnes, as compared to a knock-down rebuild



Sustainable Design

We create purpose-led developments for our customers focusing on sustainable workplaces and enhancing our communities. 

A number of initiatives are being implemented to provide customers and employees with sustainable workplaces, to deliver long-term value to our assets and investors, and help contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Common sustainabilty features in our developments include:

Water conservation

such as rainwater havesting and native landscaping

Energy efficient lighting

to office and warehouse areas, to reduce energy costs

Solar PV on rooftops

to generate renewable energy for internal electricity reticulation

Low VOC carpets & low carbon materials

to improve indoor qualty for a healthier working environment

Facilities that support good health

such as bicycle storage, fitness equipment, showers and change rooms

Strategic site selection

close to infrastructure, consumers and transport

Our Regenerated Assets

131 Beenleigh Road, Acacia Ridge, QLD

131 Beenleigh Road, Acacia Ridge, QLD
7.2 years
4.7 ha

Stafford Business Park, QLD

10 Wolverhampton Street, Stafford, QLD
2,983 sqm

45 Hume Drive, Bundamba, QLD

45 Hume Drive, Bundamba, QLD
3.6 years
22,098 sqm

40 Decco Drive, Campbellfield, VIC

40 Decco Drive, Campbellfield, VIC
5.3 years
35,790 sqm

7 Brandwood Street, Royal Park, SA

7 Brandwood Street, Royal Park, SA
7.6 years
31,120 sqm

243 Forrester Road, St Marys, NSW

213 Forrester Road, St Marys, NSW
6.8 years
31,860 sqm

Heathwood Distribution Centre, QLD

52 Moreton Street, Heathwood, QLD
3.75 years
14,580 sqm

Boundary Road Distribution Centre, QLD

141 Boundary Road, Oxley, QLD
0.5 years
16,480 sqm

Tottenham Industrial Estate, VIC

414-418 Somerville Road, Tottenham, VIC
7.83 years
95,777 sqm

Boundary Road Industrial Park, VIC

383 Boundary Road, Truganina, VIC
5.68 years
27,497 sqm

Wynnum West Industrial Park, QLD

30 North Road, Wynnum West, QLD
3.27 years
81,400 sqm

Sustainable Business

Better futures for everyone.

We are committed to creating a better environment for our customers, partners, people and the communities in which we operate.