Investment Opportunity

~13.0% – 14.0% pa

Target equity IRR calculated over a 5 and 7 year investment period

~5.0%+ pa

Target distributions average over the life of the fund

Over 90%

Equity committed including global investment partner

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Investment Opportunity

Industrial & Logistics



Minimum investment

21 June 2023

Applications close

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An opportunity to invest in a national diversified industrial & logistics portfolio, consisting of core plus to value-add properties within capital cities of Australia.

The Industrial & Logistics Opportunistic Fund (ILOF) aims to deliver multi-faceted diversification and a blend of sustainable income and growth with strong risk-adjusted returns.

The Industrial & Logistics Opportunistic Fund (ILOF) (‘Fund’), is an opportunity to invest in conjunction with the global alternative asset manager Brookfield, in the mid-space industrial and logistics sector, taking advantage of above-trend tenancy demand and limited supply which is forecast to provide attractive returns.

The strategy will acquire core plus to value-add industrial and logistics opportunities with a target portfolio size of ~$700m. Targeting assets in land-constrained, infill, urban locations, to acquire multi-unit estates catering for 1,000 to 10,000 sqm tenancy requirements.

The Fund is targeting assets between $10m to $75m, acquired over a two-year period, with an overall investment period of five to seven years.

The strategy will take advantage of a sub-market supported by strong sector and macro fundamentals which is often overlooked by institutional owners due to the increased management intensity.

The Fund targets an investor IRR of ~13.0% to 14.0% p.a. calculated over a 5 and 7 year investment period including target distributions of 5.0%+ p.a. average over the life of the fund, as the properties are built and leased.

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