Our Team

Adrian Taylor

Managing Director & Group CEO

Jonathan Wolf

Executive Director & CIO

Paul Ford

Executive Director – Industrial and Logistics & Retail

Lyle Hammerschlag

Executive Director of Private Wealth & COO

Matt Knight

Chief Financial Officer

Alex Edwards

Head of Institutional Funds

David Cupit

Head of Property Funds – Fund Manager, EVP

Ben Adler

Head of Capital Transactions, Commercial

Craig Jones

Head of Capital Transactions, Industrial & Logistics

Marcus Hinzack

Head of Development

Natalia Edwards

Head of Finance

Nick Lidonnici

Head of Portfolio Management

Nicole Thompson

Head of People

Lyle Hammerschlag

Executive Director of Private Wealth & COO

Dylan Tomkins

Director of Wealth Management

Andrew Maher

National Leasing Manager

Dan Goodrum

Asset & Leasing Manager QLD

Jane Travers

Asset & Leasing Manager QLD

Tania Scenna

Asset Manager NSW

Anthony Gill

Asset & Leasing Manager VIC

Ryan Ayres

Asset & Leasing Manager VIC & SA

Rachel Quan

Capital Transactions Manager VIC, SA & WA

Tara Foreman

Senior Marketing Manager

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